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I grew up in a small town in rural Colorado with five brothers and sisters. My mom was the fourth-grade teacher (imagine having your mother for a teacher) and nurtured her six children alone for six years while my dad was in Europe in the Army. My mother never raised her voice, but we all knew when she meant business. I don’t know how she did it. Dad returned from the Army to become Postmaster in our small town when I was eight. Looking back, that must have been tough on my mother.

A wild and independent child (tomboy?) in a time (and place) when people didn’t lock their doors or worry about where their children were, I explored the countryside with my friends, riding bikes and horses, swimming in local lakes, banging up knees, now and then getting into trouble. In high school, I occasionally skipped classes, talked back to teachers, and led rebellions in the classroom, still managing to graduate at the top of the class.

Although I attended college at Colorado University, Boston University, UMass Lowell, Northeastern, and North Shore Community College, most of my knowledge of writing came from writers’ groups in Massachusetts and Florida, whose members included some very helpful published writers.

Love to travel! New places, people, food, customs. Most of my life I lived in Colorado, Massachusetts, and now Florida, but also for shorter periods in Ethiopia (now Eritrea), Germany, the Bahamas, and various locations in the States. I earned my pilot’s license at age forty and saw much of the forty-eight from the air.

I worked in High-Tech for many years, managing IT departments, implementing company-wide systems, teaching classes, and writing technical and user manuals. The last chapter of my career has been more fun – working for myself – designing websites, educating users on computers, and writing.

I started making up stories virtually when I started talking and started writing them shortly after. For almost thirty years, the only writing I did was business and technical writing. At age fifty, I resumed writing for pleasure - first poetry, then short stories, and finally novels.

What if the ultimate computer Firewall protection turned out to be the ultimate computer snooper? I published The Janus Code in August, 2013 through Create Space. I’ve just about given up on agents and publishers.

There are other books waiting to be published: Mangrove Madness is a humorous mystery, set in Florida, about a newly licensed female PI trying to track down first one, then two...then seven missing people. I’m currently working on a sequel with protagonist Ernestine “Ernie” Pratt. Writing is a passion.